Our services range from the simplest to the most complex operations in all areas of tube and sheet metal manipulation as well as welding. We also process a wide range of materials, such as stainless steel (ferritic and austenitic), aluminium, copper alloys and coated or bare steel tube with wall thickness starting at 1.0 mm.


Our fifteen CNC bending machines make it possible to bend tubes having an extensive range of profiles (round, square, rectangular, oval etc.).

The diameters and dimensions are variable, up to a maximum size of Ø160 mm. It is the combination of radii, size and wall thickness that determines whether a particular combination of manipulations is possible. With the special technique called ‘boost bending’ we can achieve bending radii to 0.8 x diameter (e.g. diameter D=127, radius R=100).

We also process a wide range of materials, such as stainless steel (ferritic and austenitic), aluminium, copper alloys and coated or bare steel tube with wall thickness starting at 1.0 mm. With special bend-in-bend techniques we are able to form bends very close together, resulting in qualitatively better products at lower cost.



3D Tube Laser LT8.10


With our new 3D tube laser machine, VDL Belgium opens doors for new and existing customers.

The vast majority of highly conductive materials can be cut. The 3 kW fibre laser source makes it possible to cut accurate products at high speed.

The machine is equipped with an automatic loading station, and it is also possible to briefly interrupt large production series to process single pipes, tubes or profiles without this having a major impact on the overall set-up or production times.


VDL Belgium specializes in small as well as larger welded assemblies.

Weldments comprised of sheet and/or tube materials are produced by certified welders. We have six welding robots to handle this work, which can be programmed off-line to avoiding interrupting production.

Other products are welded manually: for this we use MIG welding, TIG welding, spot welding and stud welding. We can also join metals through soldering.

Our press department has both mechanical and hydraulic presses for forming and/or stamping from sheet and tube. The capacity of these presses ranges up to 315 tonnes. We also have a 200-tonne automatic press with which we can stamp products in larger series from rolls.

Production of deep-drawn parts is also a service we offer.

3D-Buislaser (5 assig) LT-Free 

A recent addition to VDL Belgium's modern machinery is a second BLM 3D laser machine for laser cutting of tubes, assemblies and sheet metal parts or for very complex applications.

This laser is equipped with a double robot tool changer or optional double drive pallet table.

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We also have our own endforming department in which we can process the tubes we bend, according to the customer’s specifications.

These processes include reduction, swaging, rolling, flanging, calibrating and 3D laser cutting, among others.

In short, VDL Belgium has a suitable solution for any technical challenge! 

With our CNC ultrasonic cleaning line we are able to treat all products to meet a wide range of stringent cleanliness requirements.

We apply other preservative and surface treatments in close cooperation with qualified subcontractors (from both within and outside VDL Groep).



VDL Belgium is specialized in insulating pipes, tubes, profiles and welded assemblies. This technique is often used for exhaust systems/diffusers and cooling pipes. Our company is also equipped to cut fibreglass insulation material and form heat shields from foil material.

We are able to offer One-stop shop offering the most complete range of services as possible and this underscores our flexibility and added value to you.



Any required tooling is designed either by VDL Belgium’s own expert toolmakers or by qualified external companies, depending on the required quantity.

When such a solution is potentially economically feasible, VDL Belgium also investigates the possibility of developing special machines.

Prototypes are made by our specialists, in preparation for future production series, using an extensive selection of available standard tools.


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