Bending pipes

VDL Belgium has 15 CNC bending machines that make it possible to bend all kinds of tube shapes.

The tube shapes that are possible to bend with us:
  • round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • And more bend shapes

The diameters and dimensions are variable up to a maximum size of Ø160 mm. The combination of Radii, size and wall thickness determines the manufacturability. With special techniques such as “Boost-bending” we can realize bending radii up to 0.8 x diameter (eg diameter D=127, Radius R=100).

Bending materials

We process various materials such as stainless steel (ferritic and austhenitic), aluminum, copper alloys and coated or bare steel pipes from 1 mm wall thickness. With special Bend-in-bend techniques we can bend short successive bends so that we can produce better products in terms of quality and cost.