Pipe laser cutting

With the 3D-Buislaser Adige LT8.10 laser cutting machine en de BLM 3D-Tube laser LT-Free (5-axis) VDL Belgium delivers top quality in the field of laser cutting of tubes and tubes. Our field of expertise varies from the most simple to the most complex operations, including tube lasering. We can be of service to you in the field of (3D) laser cutting, among other things.

The advantages of tube laser cutting

The advantages of tube laser cutting are great compared to conventional processing. By using laser cutting, costs can be saved on cutting pipes.

Laser cutting of pipes and tubes

The modern machinery of VDL Belgium has recently been expanded with a second BLM 3D laser machine for laser cutting of tubes, structures and sheet metal parts for very complex applications. This laser is equipped with a double robot loading station or optional double available pallet table.