VDL Belgium

VDL Belgium is specialized in tube and sheet metal processing, with particular expertise in bending. We were one of the first to make it possible to achieve a bending radius of 0.8 x diameter (for tubes of up to Ø150 mm).

All our bending machines and tools are designed or modified in accordance with our own specifications, enabling us to perform multi-stack bending, including the renowned ‘bend-in-bend’ and ‘boost bending’ techniques. VDL Belgium never stops seeking new solutions for your technical challenges.

We also put a strong emphasis on cost-effective production. After all, we are fully aware of the importance our customers place on competitive pricing. Where that is concerned, you will find we really make good on our promise: our staff begin working intensively with the customer’s design department at an early stage to achieve the highest possible level of cost reduction and technical optimization in the final design. Our customers always benefit from our extensive know-how and experience.

The communication in connection with orders, delivery schedules and invoicing is handled almost entirely automatically via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which provides us with continuous insight into our customers’ production and planning. As a result, we are able to adjust our production on a daily basis to achieve the highest level of delivery reliability.