Robot welding

What is Robot Welding?

It is not for nothing that the term robot welding contains the word 'robot'. The human factor in welding is largely eliminated. This makes it possible to achieve high-quality welding that always meets the same tolerances. In addition, the costs are lower because the production time is shortened. Robot welding is therefore a very attractive alternative to manual welding.

Advantages of Robot Welding

  • Minimize Human Labor
  • Very high and consistent quality
  • Higher welding speeds
  • Productivity is maximized
  • Can be combined with 5-axis machining work
  • Cost-effective for small to medium-sized series

Robot welding at VDL Belgium

Welding constructions of sheet and/or tube materials are carried out by certified welders. For this we have six welding robots that can be programmed off-line.

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