Cobot welding

What is Cobot Welding?

Cobot welding comes from the English words: Colloborative Robot(s). As the name suggests, they are literally: collaborating robots. Man and machine work together.

The difference mainly lies in the fact that a traditional industrial robot continues until the assignment is completed. It is perilous to interrupt this process. That is different with Cobots. The difference is that the cobot stops when it unexpectedly hits something. This allows an employee to take action after which the process continues.

Advantages of Cobot welding

  • Minimize Human Labor
  • Safe to work with
  • High Quality
  • Cheaper than a traditional robot
  • Flexible use
  • Easy programming and quick configuration

Cobot welding at VDL Belgium

Welding constructions of sheet and/or tube materials are carried out by certified welders. For this we have six welding robots that can be programmed off-line.

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