Laser Tube Lt8.10

Laser Tube Lt8.10

3 January 2019

The best solution for your production requirements. From the existing CO2 laser to the latest fibre technology, both are available on our machine.

The standard cutting configuration of the LT8.10 has a tilting axis (±45°) that allows for chamfers and other non-orthogonal cuts. Tilt cutting is particularly useful for making welding preparations in thick-walled tubes or for accessing difficult-to-reach locations in open or special areas.


  1. Thermal efficiency.
  2. Sensors check the cutting quality.
  3. Longer tapered section to improve accessibility on open profiles and specially shaped sections.
  4. Increased productivity, reliability and robustness in the continuous processing of tubes and profiles of all shapes and sizes.
  5. Loading: Bundle and step-by-step loader, 6500 mm

  6.  Round tube/ Square tube/ Rectangular/oval : 12 to 240 mm.

The vast majority of highly conductive materials can be cut.

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